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    Travel is fun. And the right tools can make travel even more fun. Have you considered opting for a travel credit card? “The first thing that people associate with travel cards are air miles. However, travel cards also come with other features.

    Rewards you can earn on your travel

    Travel credit cards come with a variety of travel benefits Some key benefits that you can expect from your travel credit cards in India are:

    • Rewards Point
    Earn Reward points and redeem them for exciting gifts or for booking air tickets in the future.

    • Lounge Access & Dining Offers
    See yourself waiting at the airport? Relax at the premium lounges while you wait to fly.

    Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

    Travel credit cards offer a wide range of benefits that can be availed by credit cardholders while enjoying their holiday. From offering welcome gifts to providing complimentary airport lounge access and fee waivers, travel credit cards offer a wide variety of features and benefits catering to the needs of frequent travelers.

    Let’s look at the common benefits offered by most credit cards in detail.

    Welcome gift: Most travel credit cards offer a huge lot of reward points or air miles as a welcome gift or sign-up bonus. Guess what, the points can be redeemed for air miles at both international and domestic airlines. Some cards also offer free tickets on select airlines.

    Complimentary airport lounge access: Some travel credit cards offer complimentary lounge visits at both domestic and international airports. Cardholders can sit and relax in select airport lounges during flight delays and can enjoy the privileges offered by the lounges at no cost. Some lounges provide free access to friends and family accompanying the cardholder.

    Travel insurance: Some travel credit cards offer a comprehensive insurance cover that protects the cardholder from unforeseen expenses that may arise due to air accidents, medical emergencies, loss of baggage, passport or ticket, etc.

    Zero liability on lost card: Don’t worry if you lose your travel credit card in a foreign location. If you report it immediately to the bank, you will have zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made after reporting the loss.

    Annual fee waiver: Most of you might be looking for travel credit cards with zero annual fees or no annual fees.

    However, due to exclusive privileges offered on travel credit cards, it becomes difficult to find one with no annual fee. But cardholders can avail of the annual renewal fee waiver facility offered on most travel credit cards.

    By spending a specific amount, as decided by the bank, in a given year, users can avail annual fee waiver for the following year. By achieving the target spend every year, cardholders can enjoy the benefits of a no-annual fee credit card.

    Documents Required To Apply For Travel Credit Cards

    Again, different credit card issuers require a different set of documents to process a travel credit card application. Sometimes, the required documents also vary based on the applicant type. Some of the common documents required for a travel credit card application are listed below.

    • Copy of PAN card
    • Copy of Aadhaar card
    • 1 passport size photograph.
    • Past 2 months salary slips or IT Returns
    • Address proof documents such as Aadhaar, Voter’s ID, driving license, passport, etc., whichever holds your current address.