Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling individually or with your family, travelling safely and peacefully is all you want. Travel Insurance provides coverage against different type of emergencies like medical expenses (medical evacuation), delay of checked-in baggage or total loss of checked-in baggage, missed connection, financial emergency assistance etc. while you are travelling.

Travel Insurance gives you the power to take a step back and enjoy your travel experience. Always make sure you have the right Travel Insurance policy as it would cover all your needs right from the first flight to your stay and return journey as well. Bitola Capital helps in providing best travel insurance policy which covers all kind of travel related expenses along with some extra add on coverage.

Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance Policy

Now a days people do not need a summer or winter vaccation for travelling. For salaried individuals, travelling is a way to escape from their day to day stress. So, here are some of the benefits which will help you in knowing the importance of health insurance.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Medical treatment costs in aboard are different and expensive than in India. In fact, countries like the USA are famous for expensive medical services. But if you have insured your journey through travel insurance, all your medical expenses will be covered be taken care of in case of hospitalization due to an illness or accident abroad. Moreover, being admitted to a network hospital can help you avail of cashless medical services.

Helping Hand in Remote Areas

Travel Insurance is not only useful for people traveling abroad but also for India. This is because a travel emergency can occur anytime in any part of country. In case you need emergency medical services in areas with poor medical facilities, your insurer can evacuate you to the nearest city or country and help you get medical treatment on time.

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Baggage

In case your baggage or your belongings get stolen or lost while traveling overseas, your insurer will compensate you for your loss. Insurance policy differs for different insurance providers.

Travel stress free

When you are travelling either with family or alone there is always the stress of safety or you and even family members. Having a travel insurance reduces your stress as you know you are secured financially against any kind of travel calamity.

Policy coverage

Medical Expenses Inclusive Of Repatriation

Travel insurance includes medical expenses, repatriation, and emergency medical evacuation. Even dental care expenses such as acute anesthetic treatment of teeth are covered under travel insurance.

Personal Accident

Compensation for accidental bodily injuries, permanent or partial disablement, death caused in an accident are also covered under Travel insurance.

Daily Allowance In Case Of hospitalization

Payment of daily allowance for the number of days that the insured person is hospitalized beyond the specified number of days mentioned in the policy document.

Legal Expenses

All legal costs and expenses are covered in case of claims towards third-party liabilities that arise out of death or bodily injuries.


Travel Insurance is a type of Insurance which ensures that when you’re on away from home, whether on a soul-searching solo trip or a business trip, you’re not bothered by the financial losses due to common travel inconveniences.

Here are some helpful things to remember while selecting a Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Check the policy terms and conditions to ensure that it covers you during the entire duration of your travel and also covers the destination you’re travelling to
  • Make sure that the medical coverage included in the policy is extensive
  • Make sure that it covers eventualities like missed or cancelled flights or loss/delay in checked in baggage
  • Ensure that the policy covers you and your family members who are travelling with you
  • Make a note of the exclusions to ensure that all your requirements are covered
  • Finally, ensure that the sum insured limit of the policy is adequate
  • You can also avail of relevant add-ons such as home burglary etc.

Travel Insurance Claims can essentially be of two types – medical claims and non-medical claims. The documents required for the same are as mentioned below:

Medical claims:

  • Duly filled overseas travel insurance claim form
  • Authorization for release of medical information form
  • Attending physician’s statement

Non-medical claims

  • Duly filled overseas travel insurance claim form.

Since the nature of non-medical claims can be of varied, the supporting documents required for each type of claim are different.