Home Insurance

There is no such place like home in the entire Universe. Home is the only place where you feel relaxed after all day of stressful work. After all, it is a place where you and your loved ones can rejoice, weave thousands of memories that last for a lifetime. Having our home is one of our dream and when this dream becomes true we rarely realize that our home needs a protection in the form of insurance too. By investing in a good home insurance policy, also referred as home owners insurance, you can protect your home from threats.

What are the Salient Features of Home Insurance?

Here are some of the ley features of home insurance policy:

Cover for Damages:

The fundamental constituent of a home insurance policy is the coverage it offers against different damages. Home insurance policies not only protect your house but its surroundings, and the contents of the house.

Covers the Building:

Cover for the building/structure is the basic coverage that every home insurance plan offers. This protects the physical structure of the building/house/dwelling against different risks and perils. The coverage offers protection to the structure including electrical apparatus, air-conditioning, building, plumbing, heating etc.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Fire and Perils Cover

Earthquake Cover

Burglary and Theft Cover

Loss or damage caused by wear & tear and depreciation.

Loss of cash.

Loss or damage caused by war, invasion, act of foreign country.

Loss or damage caused by nuclear war.

Loss, destruction or damage caused to any electronic equipment due to over-running or excessive pressure.

Earth’s Movement: Damages occurred due to volcanic actions or erosion is in many cases not included.

Any pre-existing damages such as wear and tear of any other defect.

*Inclusions and Exclusions may vary for different insurance providers


At its most basic, a home insurance policy covers your home and its contents against natural and man-made calamities such as earthquakes, floods, fire, theft, burglaries and any other risks your residential area might be prone to. A home insurance policy provides a veritable shield of protection to your home and everything in it, that you hold dear.

Property insurance gives you the best of both worlds, coverage for your property structure as well as its contents, Fire, burglary, flood, theft, etc. have now lost their power over you! Ofcourse, you can also cover just the contents of the house that you have rented as well.

Rain or shine, your house goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. From electrical fittings to accidents involving furniture, My Home Insurance policy covers you against a variety of risks to your property and/or content such as fire, burglary, theft, accidental damage and natural calamities.

Well, it really depends on how the damage was caused, as per the findings of our assessors. Documents required may include a fire brigade report along with the claim form duly filled and signed. As is obvious, in case of a theft, an FIR would need to be lodged and provided to us. In any situation, the claim form is a mandatory document to process the claim under the terms of the Home Insurance Policy