Health Insurance

Health insurance is an insurance plan that offer financial security to meet health related contingencies and also offers financial coverage for medical expenses when the policyholder is hospitalized. Bitola Capital helps in providing health insurance plan that covers cashless hospitalization, day-care facility etc. or provide coverage for reimbursement of the incurred expenses.

Why Do You Need Health Insurance Plan

Most people think that it will never happen to them yet so many are often proven wrong. It’s often said that your health is your wealth. A serious ill-health often lands people in hospitals inflicting serious damage to their family’s finances.

Financial Security

A medical emergency can occur at any time and at any age. Whether it is a small disease like a cold or a big disease like cancer medical expenses are a risk to your financial condition. This is one major reason why everyone needs to be covered by health insurance through a health insurance plan.

Treatment Cost

Nowadays every person wants a luxurious lifestyle which has led to advances in healthcare and greater access to healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. Due to change in lifestyle and eating habits diseases like sugar, diabetes, and heart-related diseases have increased. Also, due to lifestyle changes, chances of major diseases like cancer have also been increased. Expenses for the treatment Of such disease are very costly. Clearly, meeting such expenses from regular income is not even an option. Also, you can never be sure how much such an emergency would cost you. This makes it much more sensible to have medical insurance through at least a mediclaim policy and ideally, a health insurance plan.

Lossing your long term investments

An emergency can land anytime and at any age and you have to be prepared for it. If you are not prepared your family’s present and future are bound to be impacted. In case of emergency, you not only have to pay for immediate treatment but also for follow-up treatment which leads to disruption in your savings. To sum up, medical emergencies can be much more expensive than they might appear. The good news is that we have health insurance plans that can help us get our lives back on track after any medical emergency.


Typically, the term of health insurance plans and mediclaim policies is one year. However, health insurance plans offered by life insurance companies can vary.

The premium payment frequency is of health insurance plans and mediclaim policies is typically of one year though some life insurance companies allow a one-time premium payment too. It vary for different insurance providers.

In case of life insurance companies, this benefit is typically paid in full, on the diagnosis of the critical illnesses. Of course, the critical illness needs to be present in the list of critical illnesses covered by health insurance plans.

Some insurance companies may provide return but this varies according to insurance provider companies.