Group Mediclaim

Group Mediclaim policy plan is an insurance that provide comprehensive coverage to all your employees and their family members. Choosing the best plan can be quite difficult for you. Bitola Capital provides to facility to design the policy according to the budget and requirements of the employers. Bitola Capital provides comprehensive comparison among various health care insurance policies and lets you know about various coverages provided by them.

Benefits of Group Medical Insurance Policies Over Other Health Care Polices

There are several benefits of availing group medical insurance policies for employees as well as for employers. Few of the benefits are as given below-

Pre-existing disease coverage

Group Mediclaim policies cover all kinds of pre-existing diseases. Medical benefits are provided to all the employees despite having any pre-existing disease. This can help both employee and employer, where if the employee needs to hospitalize, financial support can be provided by the policy itself.

Immediate claim benefit immediately after being included in group insurance policy

In the case of health insurance, one can take the benefit of the policy only after a span of 30 days. However, in case of accidents within that span of time, one can avail of the benefits of the medical policy. But in Group medical policy there is no such period. Employees can immediately avail benefits after being included in the policy. This can help an employee who needs immediate hospitalization and can also save the employer from any kind of financial hassle when the employee gets unwell within a month of joining.

Maternity benefit right from the beginning

In many mediclaim policies, maternity benefit is not provided, or even if it is provided, has many limitations. In group mediclaim policies, maternity benefit is provided as and when the employee is included in the group medical policy.

Inclusion of family members from the age group of 3 months to 80 years

In group medical insurance policies you can include family members right from the age of 3 months to up to a maximum of 80 years. While many insurance policies do not allow a fresh applicant beyond 60 years of age, the employee here can get a benefit to include his/her dependent parents who might not be having insurance.

In-laws also can be included

Employee’s in-laws can enjoy the same benefit as other family members of the employee. However, it solely depends on the decision of the employer and limitations in benefits provided by him.


A group health insurance policy offers several other benefits employees cannot get to avail of on an individual basis. These benefits include coverage for pre-existing diseases. In case of a group health insurance policy, an individual does not have to wait for specific diseases to be covered (i.e. there is no waiting period), including maternity coverage. A customized insurance coverage can be enjoyed only with the group medical insurance scheme, making the employees feel more secure when it comes to health.

Most of the companies provide Group Health Insurance as a part of their Employee Welfare program. Every company, however, opts for a plan that is customized, based on their requirements.

It is very critical to customize a Group Health Insurance plan for each group. Read the benefits provided in group health insurance below. Each group can customize the benefit structure, based on its unique need. Benefits differ according to various policy providers:

1. Maternity Benefit.
2. Waiver of waiting periods (30 days, 1 year, 2 years, & 4 years).
3. Domiciliary Hospitalization Expenses.
4. Pre-Existing Disease Covers.
5. Cover for dependents (spouse, kids, parents).

One of the biggest advantages of having a group insurance (or group mediclaim) is that the waiting periods can be waived off. Benefits can vary according to different insurance providers.

This is put by the Insurer to ensure that policy was not taken for a planned surgery immediately after the policy. Hence, emergency hospitalization and accident cases are covered in this period. All other hospitalization cases are not covered for the first 30 days of the inception of the policy. Waiting period can vary according to different policy provider.