Digital version of Postal Life Insurance policy launched by Department of Posts

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The Department of Posts on Tuesday launched a digital version of the postal life insurance policy – ePLI bond, which subscribers can access through Digilocker. The Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) policy bonds are available in the ‘electronic form’, and the digital copy will be treated as a valid policy document by the department for all transactions, the Department of Posts (DoP) said.

While inaugurating the ePLI bond Secretary Posts Vineet Pandey said ePLI bond is the department’s first digital integration with Digilocker, which will facilitate citizens in a meaningful way by providing ease of access and quick claim settlements.

ePLI bond is made available in collaboration with Digilocker, developed by the National eGovernance Division (NeGD) of the Ministry of Electronics & IT (Meity).

“If the user is holding multiple postal and rural PLI policies like endowment assurance, anticipated endowment assurance, whole life assurance, convertible whole life assurance, child policy, Yugal Suraksha (in PLI) and Gram Priya (in RPLI), all of the policies can be downloaded immediately after the issue of the policy bond by the Department of Posts,” it said in a statement.

The policyholders need not wait for the delivery of the physical copy of the PLI policy bond, and the facility is available for all new and old policyholders.

“The policyholder will get the benefit of presenting the digital copy during the maturity settlement at the Post office from the Digilocker mobile app’s issued section. The digital copy will be treated as a valid policy document by the Postal Department,” the statement said.

The policyholder will also be able to use the ePLI Bond as proof for effecting any changes that are required in the policy document like address change, nomination etc without the hassle of carrying the physical copy.

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