List of Best Stock Market Apps in India 2021

Nowadays, if you’re a stock exchange trader, then it’s essential for you to remain updated with every minute market movement. Modern stock exchange traders keep tabs on the rising and fall of the stocks day to day and sometimes that too hourly. The high-speed internet and handy mobile apps have made the life of traders simple, faster, and efficient. These financial apps help the traders to remain informed and prepared all the time.

From checking the real-time streaming market value of the stock, making a virtual portfolio, drawing stock charts, following market trends to tracking your portfolio; everything is now accessible from your smartphone or tablet.

Therefore, today we present to you some Best stock exchange Apps which will make your stock research easier in India. 


Gather important financial news, global market stories, prices in real-time, and daily analysis of the market, this free app keeps you updated with the stock exchange news, even when you’re on the go.

Pros: Quick access to new stories with MarketWatch makes it that much easier to stay up so far with all that you simply got to know – required for any investor.

Cons: This app requires swiping up and right down to inspect the newest market update, which is spontaneous compared to swiping left and right and usual in other apps.


SigFig stands out for going the additional mile to supply such a service that would make it your most trusted adviser. SigFig will give all the knowledge about the hidden fees, overcharges, drifting funds, and other problems that you simply might use to neglect. SigFig also offers suggestions to optimize your gains.

Pros: This app gives you the facility to check out your stocks and other investments. Shows everything clearly, within the best format, suggests better investments consistent with their automatic algorithms.

Cons: Many other investment apps offer complete services for storing and checking investment data and updating your portfolio; SigFig is not any exception.

Forbes Intelligent Investing

If we mention some trusted names within the financial world, there are few which will compete with Forbes. With video interviews, panel discussions, investment articles, and features relevant to the market, this is often one app you can’t neglect.

Pros: This app gives an honest insight about the planet of finance from valued professionals. It’s up to current news features and enables the user to save lots of favorite videos and features.

Cons: This app takes a disappointing while to open; with screen freezing issues, some sections are empty. The interviews with top experts within the field aren’t lively but even as you become captivated in an interview, the video freezes.


Technical traders would love this app. during this app you’ll view, bar, line, candlestick, or wave charts with various indicators. you’ll even include trend lines, remarks, rays, sections, and zigzags.

Pros: all the news, posts, and opinions from quite 200,000 users of are often viewed at the proper of the screen.

Cons: Some functionality just doesn’t respond

E*TRADE – the only trading app

Easily ranked together of the only investment apps, E*TRADE maybe a beat one stock trading app that allows users services like investing, research, banking, trading, and much more. The app allows traders to trade mutual funds while providing research tools and screeners for you to remain on track to spot opportunities.

Customer care answers any kind of queries you’ve and just in case you’d wish to stay a note of all the news, the app features all the breaking news. For those new trading, E*TRADE provides an education platform to point out to users about trading.

Features of the only trading app

  • Users get unlimited refunds with E*TRADE revolving credit
  • The app offers protection from fraud with a singular protection feature
  • Timely alerts and watchlists for the investments users have an interest in
  • No commission on online stock, ETF, and other options trades

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance app is the one-stop-shop for real-time stock exchange news and Renowned as a top-tier spot for financial information on the web. This app allows users to trace stock price changes, also to keep an eye fixed on commodities, world markets, equities, and bonds. It also enables you to sync personal stock information across multiple devices.


  • Simple app with a minimalist design and fewer complicated features
  • You can use the app without logging into your yahoo account
  • It allows users to make watch lists for real-time stock quotes


  • It features plenty of information that’s not associated with stocks
  • The combination of cryptocurrencies and commodities make the app somehow confusing

Stock Edge

Stock Edge helps Indian stock exchange traders and investors do their own research and make better decisions by providing them with end-of-day analytics and visualizations and alerts.

Key Features

  • Daily Updates Section for filtered major market tracking with News, NSE & BSE Corporate Announcements, Forthcoming events, & Corporate Actions, and more.
  • FII/ FPI & DII Cash and Derivatives with strong historical data visualization Daily, Monthly & Yearly.

Money Control

Its an online business news website which is owned by E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com (P) Ltd., a subsidiary of the media house TV18

This app has approx 17 million visitors every month across all its platforms-web, mobile, and tablets that makes it the largest online financial platform in India.


It is a young vibrant company established with the vision of taking online financial education to a new level, both in India and abroad.

Elearnmarkets courses are designed by some of the best financial experts in India. Being practicing market professionals, they really understand what is required to prepare you for the exciting career opportunities that will come your way. 


It is a social networking platform of 30 million traders and investors using the world’s best charts and analysis tools to spot opportunities in global markets. It helps to find trading ideas, chat with others, spot trends, and place trades directly on our charts.

Simply Wall ST

It provides a unique, exhaustive analysis of every listed stock worldwide. It saves countless hours trawling through reports and removing emotion from your decisions.

That’s all. These are the Best stock exchange Apps that create Stock Research 10x Easier’ is beneficial to you. If we missed any amazing app that you simply believe should be mentioned here, Be happy to comment below. 

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Further, please comment below which stock exchange app is your favorite? Happy Investing!

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