How health insurance can help you to save your savings or emergency funds.

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Emergency Fund for the:

It is of utmost importance to have an emergency fund in a world full of uncertainty. The Emergency Fund is the sum that you keep dedicated to unforeseen events, such as work losses, medical and other health problems, and other conditions where income can not be met on its own. The emergency fund or contingency fund is what keeps one afloat in circumstances where one is left without money.

The Emergency Fund is not meant to finance the lavish purchases you make; it is meant to assist you in emergency situations, whenever you need cash. It is reasonable to maintain a sum that covers at least three to six months of spending. The key goal of the emergency fund is to take care of the unforeseen medical costs.

The Health Insurance Need

The emergency fund is meant to be a liquid asset, but the most common emergency that most people face is linked to safety. That is the key reason why the way forward is to have a health care package in the emergency fund. Although health is a relatively under-rated concern among younger generations, it is the single most common emergency we face. The lack of health insurance will directly impact your emergency funds and overall savings.

Was the Health Insurance part of the emergency fund?

The word “medical emergency” has a very broad meaning – it can mean anything as insignificant as a traffic accident or as serious as lung cancer. There are things that no one has power over, and they can bring about a massive financial tragedy. Buying health insurance with cashless facilities can provide security in such a situation, but you need to keep a bigger emergency fund aside so that it can cover medical needs as well.

Importance of Health Insurance

Estimates show an increase in the number of cancers and blood-related diseases, which means overall spending on health and disease prevention, and cure is also on the rise. Such rising expenses will wreak havoc in someone’s life who has no contingency fund set aside. In the absence of such a fund, a person would have to borrow money from a partner, a bank, or maybe another non-institutional source of finance at an exorbitant rate of interest. This can be very costly and, otherwise, devastating for long-term financial goals. The remedy is a well-organized emergency fund.

What is the Health Insurance Plan?

Life insurance policies offer multiple benefits of health insurance as well as life insurance, making it the ideal option to apply to the emergency fund. In a time when most people have corporate insurance care, the health protection package guarantees that you have personal care that has your back. 

How much health insurance are you going to need?

The sum provided by your health insurance will be adequate to cover your medical costs in the case of a medical emergency. The amount of insurance you need depends primarily on the size of your family, your current income, financial status, age, and health benefits you already have.

When you have your elderly parents who are relying on you, you may need more health care considering the age of your parents, which may require further medical attention. Similarly, the health benefits offered by your employer can not have adequate protection to cover your and your family’s medical expenses. Therefore, in that case, you might need to purchase a supplementary package in order to provide adequate coverage.

This is also critical that the health insurance package you want to purchase will have a wide network of hospitals in place so that you can make use of cashless facilities. Otherwise, you would need to tap through your savings to cover medical costs and then send them to the insurance provider for reimbursement. This defeats the intent of getting health insurance as an emergency fund if you have to search for cash to pay the bills on your own.

The bottom line

Health treatments, surgery, and emergency medical services are more costly than preventive care. Some of these activities will be scheduled in advance, but others can not.

Owing to the high financial cost of these programs, the lack of health insurance is a danger to your financial security.

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